GANJA COIN (GANJA) is Utility Token was developed on the waves platform.

GanJa Coin _ GanJa

Token Symbol : Ganja

Decimals : 6

Description : The world first Coin to global cannabis for Medical.

The Total Token Issue : 365,000,000,000 GanJa (365 ฺBillion)

The Total Token Burn : 364,635,000,000 GanJa (364,350 ฺBillion)

The Total Token Supply : 365,000,000 GanJa (365 Million)

The Total Token Circulating : 65,000,000 GanJa (65 Million)

TOKEN BURN PROGRAM Every 60 days, Ganja Coin will initiate a buy-back program with a portion of funds earned.Up to 20% of Ganja’s net operating profits diverted to buyback at 20% above the greater of market or placement token price.

The token can assume various types of usability. One of the features will be for payment of sponsored services on the Ganja platform.

To get the token, you can either buy it on Decentralised Exchange (DEX).

The token is tradable in Waves Decentralised Exchange (DEX).

Asset ID : 8u59NePqUa2FfQrqduhR7fviGb6EDA2Shsq3XwwNczUt

Block Explorer URL:

Type : Not reissuable
Issue date : 30.04.2019 15:47:23 UTC

##How to trade GanjaCoin (GanJa) ?

  1. Trade (Buy/Sell) 1.1 Choose Trade 1.2 Choose Spot

##How to Choose Market for trade GanjaCoin (GanJa) ?

  • Choose USDN Market
  • Clicking GANJA / USDN on the pairs below

How to Buy GanjaCoin (GanJa) ?

  1. Clicking Buy Button.
  2. Choose GanJa price.
  3. Enter number,How much you want to buy
  4. Clicking ‘Buy GanJa’

Website :

Tradable on Waves Decentralised Exchange (DEX).


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